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Tray Cabinet Dryers

  • Model No.:KF-XS20L
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 4500 Pieces / Month
  • Port: Shanghai /Ningbo /Guangzhou /Qingdao
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,West Union,Cash

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The dryer oven is suitable for the drying treatment of high-grade puffed pellet feeder and pet feed. It can also be used for the drying treatment of granular and flake materials in the food, food and chemical industries.


A combination of low-temperature dehumidification technology. The dew point dehumidification and low-temperature rotor dehumidification composite process are adopted. Accurately control the temperature and humidity of the drying space to ensure the efficient and stable drying of soft capsules.

The drying space adopts a box-type closed structure, which has high dehumidification efficiency and no special requirements for ambient temperature and humidity.

The step drying technology is adapted to fully and reasonably segment the dry wind with low temperature and low humidity. Equipped with intelligent temperature and humidity control, it is energy efficient.


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